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Sing Me to Sleep

Caroline Coleman wilted under her husband's indifference for longer than she cares to remember, so when Rotel waltzes into their lives, she finds an easy friendship and an alliance who seems to know exactly what she needs. 

What she needs is Mitch Roar, the charismatic singer who fast becomes the love of her life. But is he really as authentic as he seems, or is he just another player in her already complicated life.

Just when she's ready to leave her husband, Caroline's plans shatter with the of one headline. Her best friend is dead, her husband charged with murder. Deep down Caroline knows he's incapable of such a heinous crime, but standing by him through the trial just might be her undoing. Dirty, buried secrets are unearthed, casting a shadow over Mitch's intentions. 

Can love bear unwitting betrayal? Lost of trust?

Caroline is about to find out.


Down trodden little Lourie County, situated on the outskirts of Minneapolis amid a gathering of semi-rural towns, is not exactly where Maryanne Levine envisioned spending her post academy days. Resigned to screening dog barking and mailbox tampering complaints at the local sheriff's office, her world is turned every shade of upset when a local woman goes missing.   

Someone is taking young girls. And, in the aftermath of these unforgivable crimes, someone is taking the mothers. With all of its tabletop gossip and close-knit ties, this little community is harboring evil.   

Maryanne has been running from a secret most of her life.          

Lourie, she discovers, is full of them.

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