Sing Me to Sleep

The” hot” new Ellis Hoff novel debuts

Caroline Coleman is a woman in love. Mad, deeply inspired love. It greets her in the morning, and sends her off to sleep at night. It’s almost as if she’s waking up from a dream; her life before this wonder a simple misstep, a slight wrong turn, that she’s waded through for years relishing the good and accepting…less that she needed.

Of course, she would never have known what she needed if she hadn’t, on a whim, accompanied her best friend to a nightclub one lonely evening.

One night. One dance.

One kiss that would tear through her unsuspecting emotional armor like a wrecking ball.

Mitch Roar is the kind of man that makes women — all ages, class and degree of romantic jadedness — stand up and take notice. He’s sultry and untamed. Gifted with an amazing set of pipes that front a rag-tag band of dedicated musicians, his sexy stage antics are honest and raw. Caroline is captivated by him from the moment she lays eyes on him, but when he approaches her, striking up a conversation that results in a dance and a steamy stolen kiss, she finds herself falling fast and hard into a relationship that is passionately consuming, romantically reckless and very complicated.

For a decade, Caroline’s tried to make the most of a marriage that has become distant and vacant, increasingly so in the final years as her husband, David Coleman – heir to a Minneapolis real estate empire ­– has become embroiled in a run for the US Senate. His constant campaign travels have been a hardship for Caroline, who is essentially raising their sons alone in a private, privileged lifestyle she’s never really been able to come to grips with. Discovering David’s infidelities levels a blow that leaves her feeling empty, angry and confused. Thank God for Rotel, the one person she could turn to and expect the truth from, no matter how painful, as well as support. If not for Rotel, Caroline would have never met Mitch that fateful night. And that was a game-changer. She has no doubts where she belongs, or with whom.

Then Rotel is murdered, and David tried for it. Her plans to be with Mitch are suddenly sidelined, her loyalty demanded by the money-mighty Coleman clan.

The trial unearths scarring, scathing secrets on several levels that plague Caroline with doubts: First about David and his connection to Rotel and, eventually, about Mitch and his possible involvement.

Could she have been so wrong about him? Had their chance meeting been more? Was everything she thought she knew and felt about the man she planned on spending the rest of her life with little more than seductive pieces in some kind of…twisted game that involved her best friend, her husband, right from the start? She wakes up each morning telling herself “no”, but, as the days, and the trial, unravel, the denouncement comes slower and harder to her lips.

 How well can you really know someone? And, how much can love bear?

Caroline is about to find out.

Where Mitch is concerned, it’s always been “all or nothing”. She just never believed it would be the latter.

 Sing Me To Sleep combines elements of romance, mainstream family drama and courtroom suspense. Although the story relies heavily on the relationship between Caroline and Mitch, it’s not a gender specific read by any means. This engaging emotional rollercoaster is a far cry from a formula romance, though fans of that genre will surely find some thoughtful hours turning pages.

This isn’t “Girl meets boy, boy infuriates girl, girl eventually lets her guard down and realizes she’s in love with boy”. Not that I don’t love that premise. Over and over, and in every flavor. This novel is, however, a little different.

And you’ll only know for sure if you read it.

 Happy reading!

Ellis Hoff

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Ellis Hoff is Linda “Hanson” Herkenhoff, in case you were wondering, by passion and by pen.

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