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Victory Blood


Melinda McKinney flailed for years through a lackluster career of PR and advertising gigs that never really showcased her artistic abilities. Then she discovered the “graphic novel” circuit, and a star was born.

Melinda’s grisly art-n-yarn offerings, featuring “Victoria the Vampire Negotiator”, take over her life as she fights her way back from a devastating divorce. She’s inspired, productive and…driven in a way even she doesn’t understand. That is, until a man from her past, and one from her future, collide in a storm of buried secrets and unfathomable danger.

When everything she knows, everything she believes about herself, is challenged, she has two choices:

Her old life, or her real life.


One of them just might be her salvation.

A new novel by Ellis Hoff, Victory Blood, goes on sale on May 20th. This book is a fast paced marriage of mainstream and mayhem, taking readers down a path they won’t see coming. This is not your little sister’s Twilight, but it is an emotionally gripping tale that has a “bite” to it.


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